V.A. - Funk Soul Sisters.


BGP, 2003

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V.A. - Funk Soul Sisters.


Side 1

1.Lynn Varnado - "Tell Me What's Wrong"

2.Loletta Holloway - "Only A Fool"

3.Bonnie & Sheila - "You Keep Me Hanging On"

4.Paula Lamont - "One Monkey Can't Stop The Show"

5.Valorie Keys - "Listen Here"


Side 2

1.Louise McCord - "Better Get A Move On"

2.Betty Bibbs - "Pounds Of Soul"

3.Delilah More - "Ooh Wee Baby"

4.Vera Hamilton - "Heavy Heavy Hangs My Heart"

5.The Genies - "Know What To Do When You Get It"


Side 3

1.Spanky Wilson - "Sunshine Of Your Love"

2.Lynn Varnado - "Staying At Home Like A Woman"

3.Betty Barney - "Why I Sing The Blues" (feat The Pazant Brothers)

4.Fontella Bass - "Hold On This Time"

5.Bettye Scottt - "Good Feeling" (feat Delvettes)


Side 4

1.Jeanette Jones - "I'm Glad I Got Over You"

2.Mille Jackson - "My Heart Took A Licking (But Kept On Ticking)"

3.Thelma Jones - "Mr Fix It"

4.Rene Bailey - "It's Too Late For Tears"

5.Little Anne - "One Way Street"




V.A. - Funk Soul Sisters.

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