Adrian Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad - The Midnight Hour


Linear Labs, 2018

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 Adrian Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad - The Midnight Hour


Side 1

1."Black Beacon" (4:01)

2."Mare" (feat Ladybug Mecca) (2:52)

3."It's You" (feat Raphael Saadiq) (3:10)

4."Questions" (feat CeeLo Green) (3:27)

5."So Amazing" (feat Luther Vandross) (4:13)


Side 2

1."Gate 54" (4:04)

2."Do It Together" (feat Bilal) (3:09)

3."Redneph In B-Minor" (2:48)

4."Better Endeavor" (2:48)

5."Smiling For Me" (feat Karolina) (3:03)


Side 3

1."Don't Keep Me Waiting" (feat Marsha Ambrosius) (3:18)

2."Bitches Do Voodoo" (feat Angela Munoz) (0:55)

3."Possibilities" (feat Eryn Allen Kane) (3:11)

4."Mission" (2:54)

5."Dans Us Moment D'errance" (feat Laetitia Sadier, Questlove, Keyon Harrold) (3:05)


Side 4

1."Love Is Free" (feat Eryn Allen Kane) (2:45)

2."Together Again" (feat No ID, James Poyser) (3:21)

3."Feel Alive" (feat Karolina, Loren Oden) (2:56)

4."There Is No Greater Love" (feat Loren Oden, Saudia Yasmein) (2:18)

5."Ravens" (2:27)



Adrian Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad - The Midnight Hour

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