Non Phixion ‎– The Future Is Now


Uncle Howie, 2002/2016

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Non Phixion ‎– The Future Is Now


Side 1

1."Futurama" (4:06)

2."Drug Music" (3:28)

3."The CIA Is Trying To Kill Me" (4:22)


Side 2

1."If You Got Love" (3:49)

2."There Is No Future" (feat Necro) (4:10)

3."Uncle Howie" (1:10)

4."Rock Stars" (3:50)


Side 3

1."Say Goodbye To Yesterday" (3:57)

2."Black Helicopters" (4:07)

3."Strange Universe" (feat MF DOOM) (2:04)

4."Cult Leader" (4:15)


Side 4

1."It's Us" (3:58)

2."Suicide Bomb" (feat The Beatnuts Al Tariq, Marley Metal & Moonshine) (3:47)

3."Where You Wanna Go" (3:35)

4."We Are The Future" (0:54)

5."The CIA Is Still Trying To Kill Me" (feat The Deftones & Fear Factory) (4:36)




Non Phixion ‎– The Future Is Now

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