Marvin Gaye ‎– Let's Get It On


Vinyl Lovers, 1973/2016

Condition : Sealed
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Marvin Gaye ‎– Let's Get It On


180g, reissue with 15 bonus tracks


Side 1

1."Let's Get It On"

2."Please Don't Stay (Once You Go Away)"

3."If I Should Die Tonight"

4."Keep Gettin' It On"

5."My Love Is Growing"



Side 2

1."Come Get To This"

2."Distant Lover"

3."You Sure To Ball"

4."Just To Keep You Satisfied"

5."You Are The Man"


Side 3

1."Song #3"


3."I'd Give My Life For You"

4."I Love You Secretly"

5."We Can Make It Baby"

6."I'm Gonna Give You Respect"


Side 4

1."Where Are We Going?"

2."The World Is Rated X"

3."Try It, You'll Like It"

4."You Are That Special One"

5."Running From Love" 6."Mandota"



Marvin Gaye ‎– Let's Get It On

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